How we transformed a utilitarian tax app into an engaging digital experience for young people.


Refunded is an app designed to make tax returns simple for everyday Australians. They approached Orange because their problem was two-fold. First, they felt misrepresented by their current branding. To capture the attention of a younger demographic they were looking for a more modern and youthful brand that still communicated their industry knowledge and established trust with their audience.


Their second challenge was the functionality of their app. Affectionately referred to as being “built like a German tank”. The app was robust, utilitarian and reliably functional. It was also a little clunky to use. The team at Refunded were looking for something more slick and engaging. They wanted to simplify the user experience and really stand out as the go-to tax app for young Australians.


By taking the time to fully understand Refunded’s intended audience we were able to create a refreshed brand identity and simplified app design. The new brand featured a bright, bold and modern colour palette. It also included a suite of visual elements including a new logo and fonts that visually communicated Refunded’s expertise, credibility and youthful spirit.


Tasked with the challenge of enticing young Australians to be excited about tax time, we considered how to transform the tax return process to make it fun and engaging. The solution? Gamify it. Understanding that a digitally-native audience conducts their life within the pixels of their iPhone, we updated the user experience to match.


The new and improved Refunded app, now enables users to input expenses and receipts in real time throughout the year. They can also calculate their expected return and compare their expenses to their industry average. Now, when tax time rolls, users can enjoy an effortless tax submission process and maximised returns.