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Andreas' Stats Beatboxes 4 HRS per day Is on Reddit 6.2 HRS per day Says dirt 43 times per week
Andreas - 	Innovation


Belle's Stats Laughs 90 percent of the day Sings 1 song while driving Says yeah 52 times per day
Belle - 	Marketing


Brendan's Stats Got 15 minutes of fame has 1 hawaiian shirt for every day Was on TV 1 night drawing
Brendan - 	Designer


Cintia's Stats Watches 20 make-up vids per week Speaks 3 or more languages Attends 5 concerts each year
Cintia - 	Search


Francisco's Stats Chico is his #1 favorite name Plays Ping Pong 2 times per day Eats feijoada 1 Sunday of every month
Francisco - 	Developer


Sales Executive
Gavin's Stats Drinks at least 3 coffees every morning Has wear 1 cowboy outfit at work owns 1 red scooter
Gavin - 	Sales Executive


John's Stats Gets to meetings 32% faster than others Usually has 97 windows open in his browser Makes at least 6 terrible puns per day
John - 	Sales


Malcolm's Stats Writes 1 blog per day knows 30 words for marketing Has published 5 books in last years
Malcolm - 	Marketing


Matt's Stats Has 5 facts per day Will eat 1 pita pit every week has been tested 2 times for color blind
Matt - 	Developer


Matt's Stats Assures to be #1 fan of star wars Drinks 4 cappuccinos every day Loves Karaage 99% of the time
Matt - 	Developer


Nic's Stats Eats/drinks soup 5 days per week Drinks 4 litres of water Averages 26 headshots in Counterstrike
Nic - 	Developer


Video Production
Petrus' Stats Animates 29 frames per second Records 1 footage daily Claims to be #1 fan of Ronaldo
Petrus - 	Video Production


Mobile Developer
Rudy's Stats Plays 7 foosball games per day Eats 60 gm of protein per meal Watches 1 episode of GoT every week
Rudy - 	Mobile Developer


Scott's Stats Has caught 52 sharks in his life Has 5 cutie patootie grandchildren Says Goober 2 times per day
Scott - 	Sales


Scott's Stats Is a googlemaniac 12 HRS per day Blames Stephy 5 times per week Says Picante 2 times per day
Scott - 	SEO & SEM


Sebastian's Stats Eats 2 avocados per day Plays Ping Pong 1 HR per day Owns 2 cats or dogs (?)
Sebastian - 	Designer


Thierry's Stats Speaks 4 languages fluently Programs in 2 languages even fluenter Has 0 strands of hair on his head
Thierry - 	Developer


Tom's Stats Was Born in 1 tropical paradise Generates 500 scripts daily He has 40 #1 fans in the office
Tom - 	Developer


Tony's Stats Knows 80% of people in Brisbane Owns 365 shirt and scarf combinations Possesses 90 Barry Gibb albums
Tony - 	Sales


Vivien's Stats Collects 6 chopsticks every day Plays 1 piano song at night Eats 1 donut weekly
Vivien - 	UX/UI

Our Company

Founded in 2007 in a tiny office by us (John and Andreas), Orange Digital has grown to become a leading provider of web design & digital services in Brisbane.

From the onset, we noticed something that was missing in the industry. Good old fashioned service. Whilst getting emailed through a quote with a number on page 2 and no explanations was standard practice, we believed it just wasn’t good enough. Our philosophy? Provide top quality web design to companies in Brisbane with even better service. This is still the cornerstone of our business today, and our process speaks for itself.

We also believe culture is an extremely important part of what makes Orange Digital a unique and creative company. Our famously thorough interview and screening process ensure that anyone you speak to and work with at Orange are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We love being in a relaxed environment whilst letting our work show the professionalism.

Our office is located in the heart of Fortitude Valley in a building that was a sewing factory once upon a time. It’s an open, airy space that enables our team to get a lot done, while also being able to slam the odd basketball, or smash out the occasional ping pong rally.

The future of this company is bright. We’ve got big goals and will continue to grow and innovate to stay ahead of the curve.

Andreas & John enjoying their new office

“Can someone tell Yellow pages there’s this thing called the internet now?”

- Dre

“Hmm, smells like someone is burning the toast. . . OMG my hair is on fire!”

- Kate, distracted while leaning against a heater

“Why is there a plush roast chicken hanging from the ceiling?”

- Nic, fooled by a sneaky someone

“If you had to, how would you weigh your head?”

- John, testing out the new guy
Funny Moments

We're not just a digital agency. We're a place where brilliant minds collaborate to make amazing stuff.