Disrupting the NDIS space through intelligent product innovation – providing participants more choice and control to connect with the best providers for their needs. 


The NDIS space presents a significant challenge for participants and their families, often leaving them feeling lost and overwhelmed without adequate support. While some fortunate participants may have support coordination in their plans, not all enjoy this advantage. Support coordinators, already stretched thin for time, resort to rudimentary methods like Google searches or relying on existing contacts to find suitable providers. Consequently, participants face restricted freedom of choice and control over their plans. This cumbersome process underscores the need for a solution that empowers participants and families to navigate the NDIS ecosystem with ease, fostering inclusivity and choice.


In response to this pressing issue, mySolas was born. The passionate team engaged Orange Digital with a simple idea in mind – to empower NDIS participants to connect directly with providers and make informed decisions about their supports. Orange Digital became a trusted partner through realising this concept with name creation, logo and brand development, and platform design and build.



The word ‘Solas’ is Irish for light, brightness, comfort, and reassurance. We wanted this platform to become a source of hope and clarity for participants – ultimately a place of solace for them to be empowered with choice and control.