Established in 2017, Novum are a boutique Architectural Studio who exclusively work with Independent and Catholic Schools in Queensland (as well as a small number of churches) because they are genuinely passionate about delivering inspiring, supportive, future-focused master plans and buildings for thriving school communities. 


The original Novum brand did not reflect their values, processes or inspirational design that they had become renowned for. The objective for Novum was to create a new brand that better represented their vision of being Queensland’s most loved school architects.



In partnership with Novum, Orange Digital set out to capture the connection between the architect and client.


We crafted a brand identity that reflected their authentic and respectful approach emphasising their commitment to designing unique school master plans and building projects.


For their new website, our approach was to infuse motion graphics and video providing an engaging experience enabling Novum to better connect at a human level with their customers.


Through their new brand and website, Novum has forged deeper emotional connections with schools who are culture-led and passionate about their unique strategic vision and ethos.