Product Launch Campaign

Bhuja Chips

For the last five decades, Majans - a family-owned and run business - has been on a mission to create the tastiest and healthiest snack foods on the market. The Majans Snacks range of products surprise and delight consumers with unique Indian flavours and are now enjoyed in grocery markets across Australia, New Zealand and the Americas.

3... 2... 1... launch!

Majans strive to be ahead of the curve when it comes to using locally-sourced Australian ingredients, so they can create snacks with unique and exotic flavours. They want to improve brand awareness amongst the next generation of consumers, while clearly differentiating themselves from competitors. For the new Bhuja Chips product launch, we engaged Majans' strong social media following to reach and encourage as many new customers as possible.

Spreading the chips...

As part of the larger product launch strategy we were tasked with 2 clear objectives: to achieve a consumer reach of over 2 million people on social channels, and build a database for future ongoing marketing activity. In addition to 'Interest Based' targeting, a Facebook 'Store Visit' campaign was integrated to trigger ads when consumers were within a certain geographical radius of the 700+ Majans retailers.

Getting creative

With the USP; 4 different chips in the same packet we produced a 30 second video where the lead character is transported to a particular environment each time they eat a different chip. The scenes are based on consumer insights from the target audience and portray situations where the product is consumed.

Let the numbers do the talking


Consumers Reached


Form Submissions

Collecting the crumbs...

The targeted digital marketing campaign ensured that the product launch successfully reached more than 2 million consumers through social platforms and established a database of 9.5+k subscribers for future marketing campaigns.


Bhuja Chips Product Launch Campaign



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