99 Bikes - YouTube Ads Campaign

More Time For What Really Matters

99 Bikes partnered with us to produce and promote their “More Time For What Really Matters” electric bike campaign on YouTube.

What an impact!


Impressions. 174k interactions


Of landing page traffic was “new users”


Store visits

Happy as a pig in mud! The storyboarding and messaging work perfectly with the landing page.
Marketing Manager - 99 Bikes

Riding beyond the norm

Rather than targeting individuals who may have already been aware of 99 Bikes, this campaign focused on expanding awareness to new audiences. Using a mixture of Google’s affinity, in-market and customer intent audiences, the response from active “inner-city”, family orientated and busy working individuals was outstanding.

The power of video

The campaign needed to capture those who may never have thought about purchasing a bike. Our video production and SEM team worked with 99 Bikes assets to script and produce multiple 6-second, 15-second, and 30 second videos to encourage people to “Go Further, Go Faster, and Get Fitter” on an electric bike. Using real footage of hectic inner city traffic and busy public transport, choosing to ride an electric bike is a no brainer!

YouTube Success

Over 4 weeks, the video campaign drove stellar engagement. Individuals were funnelled through a Reach > Consideration > Action strategy, which resulted in quality traffic to the landing page, physical 99 Bikes store visits and further engagement with the 99 Bikes YouTube channel.


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