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Would it shock you to know you are on a website right now? Well, it's true. You're on our website.

We know that a key building block of online success for your business is a strongly performing website. At Orange Digital we are proud to have established an excellent reputation as a high quality web design agency in Brisbane.

That's because for 10+ years we have ensured our entire team always strives to be at the forefront of web development knowledge, technology and best practices. As such we have complete confidence in knowing we can help you create, renovate, develop, or re-develop a website that works for you. 

What makes a great website?

Geez, good question. It's a question we are always asking ourselves, studying, learning, and researching to make sure that our website building skills are constantly on the improve and we can offer the best experience for your website visitors. 

To know what a great website looks like today, we asked our team and here is what they said:

  • Attractive, eye-catching design - The web designers
  • Skilled development, fast loading speed, and no bugs - The developers
  • Easy navigation and smooth UX - The UI/UX experts
  • Engaging copywriting - The writers
  • Videos, videos, videos - The video producers
  • Prominent visibility in Google results - The SEO & SEM crew
  • Mobile friendliness - Everyone

The truth is, of course, all those things are important. Miss out on any of them and your website won't achieve the results it otherwise could.

Make your website great

That's all great, but how?

The good news for you is that we have experts in all those areas. But wait, it gets better! They know how to work collaboratively with you, to create effective websites, ticking all the boxes. When your website is designed and developed by our experts, you will have a valuable digital weapon in your marketing arsenal.

It's pretty simple

Great websites help put your business on the express train to success. Once your site has the fundamental features perfected, we work towards engaging visitors into becoming loyal customers.

Let's start yours!

How much does a website cost?

The simplest answer to that is... “it depends”. However, that is not really a helpful answer so here is a slightly longer, but hopefully better explanation.
Your website is a crucial part of your digital strategy and we are keen to understand how it can perform as well as possible for you. That's why when we start talking websites, we generally start by asking you a few questions about your business goals and current marketing strategy.
Sometimes we can give you a rough quote on web design and development without knowing your business goals and digital strategy. However, we want to be able to give you a quote for something that will produce the best outcome for your business, not just a quote for a website we can build.

To make sure you see great results we want to make sure that your website design ticks all the boxes you need it to tick:

  • Truly on brand (Not just a website with your logo up the top left)
  • Visually appealing and easy to use for your target audience (User friendly)
  • Easy to crawl and index for search engines (Search engine friendly)
  • Updatable/customisable for your needs now and in the future (Appropriate & robust CMS) 

Hopefully this makes things a bit clearer that a better answer to “how much does a website cost?” comes after some discussion and planning. Hopefully, the extra explanation also gives you the confidence that when you do contact us for a quote you know our goal will be to give you the best value. 

Please can I just get a ballpark figure?

Yeah, we get it, before you even call us you might firstly like some sort of ballpark figure to see if Orange Digital will be a suitable partner for your business. To give you some idea of the budget for projects we generally work on, not all, but the majority of projects we work on are $20k+. A complex ecommerce website and/or app development might cost upwards of $100k. Those are big projects that take significant research, planning, and strategy and we are confident in delivering excellence with projects of that size. That’s a significant investment yeah, but if that’s what it takes to help generate or facilitate millions of dollars of transactions per month it is actually a fantastic investment. 

We know you only want to work with us if you can see the value in what we will do for you. Value is exactly what we want to achieve for you. If we don’t believe we can return value for your investment we are not going to try and convince you to work with us. Putting the hard sell on anyone is not our thing at all. When we say please contact us for a friendly chat we really mean it. We would love to start a conversation with you today and see if we can play a role in your business success.

Let's chat!

The people that will bring your website to life:

Holly Xu
Web Developer
Matthew Burns
Full Stack Web Developer
Aaron Cox
Ecommerce Specialist
Alvin Lu
Web Developer