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Web Apps & Platforms

We are still working on creating a portal into another dimension, but nevertheless, we have gotten really good at creating web portals.

Hold on, what exactly is a web portal?

We’ll give you a hint, it's not just a fancy way of saying website. It's a particular type of web development that for some reason when we talk about it, sparks extra energy into our developers.

A web portal gives users access to information from a range of sources, presented in a uniform way. This provides users with a single point of access. Web portals aren’t something we get to work on every day, so when the opportunity arises we get a little excited.

Portal to a contact form

We also build APIs

The answer depends on what the "A" (Application) is and what other "A's" it's interacting with. Then there is the "P" (Programming) and the "I" (Interface) which can all be talking about lots of different things. Eish, probably best to just tell us what you need if that's ok, and we'll let you know if it fits in our expertise.

We would love to make a web portal or API for you. If you need either, or both or you're just not sure and want to know more, have a chat with us.

Solution Architecture

Solution architecture usually involves a few conversations. Easy stuff so far. Those conversations are followed by some analysis of existing information technology options. A bit trickier but still not too bad. Then it's about mapping out a solution for the best course of action for the business with the technology available. Dang, that sounds tricky.

Fear not though. We have a few people at Orange Digital willing to put on the big non-gender-specific pants and do the hard work and put forward a case to solve your desired business outcomes.

Great stuff, now let's get your solution architected.

Crafty devs who navig8 the c0de:

Holly Xu
Web Developer
Matthew Burns
Full Stack Web Developer
Thierry Ruiz
Growth & Technologies