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Video Production

Lights, Camera, ACTION

Brand Films

Wow, a film, that's kind of epic! It’s also a great way to communicate all the appealing elements that make up your brand. A brand film is like a video about your brand, but by calling it a film it sounds more epic.

Why invest in video production for my brand?

It's easier to digest than a long-winded page of text like this one.

A successful brand film can do the following:

  • Communicate brand values
  • Engage your audience
  • Create emotion and connection with customers

Just like a small pack of salt and vinegar chips, good video production leaves your audience wanting more. Thinking back, we probably should have just created a video for you to watch instead. Come in, and we'll tell you more and show you some examples.

Stop talking, let's start filming

Product Films

If a picture is worth 1000 words, just think about how many words lots of pictures could be worth. This is why videos can play a special role in your marketing strategy.

What's so great about product videos?

We are glad you asked:

  • They engage your audience
  • Quickly communicates content
  • Builds trust

In other words, videos can give you an edge that makes you more appealing to potential customers, one that competitors without videos could only dream of.

We could tell you about our planning, storyboarding, filming, and editing process, but it might take a while. Checking out some of the videos we have made is probably a better idea.

Where do I sign? 

Yes, videos are useful. Now what?

What the h*ck should you make your video about and how long should it go for? How will it fit into your marketing strategy?

Some say 1 minute 22 seconds is the perfect length for a successful video. Actually, that's not true. Imagine if it was that easy though. Your audience and the purpose of the video will dictate most of the decisions made during the video production journey. Different video styles and soundtracks will spark different emotions within your audience. We'll sort out those details later. Let's just start with a friendly chat for now.

Okay already, take my money

Some faces of our video production unit:

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