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UI, UX & User Testing

It’s a team effort

Before we go off and build or execute something, we spend a bunch of time researching, analysing, prototyping and testing. We go through this process several times until we are happy and keep working on it until it matches your expectations. It's pretty easy to see then why we value user experience, user interface and testing.

We want your customers to have the best experience possible, just like we want you to have the best time working with us.

Ready to jump right in?

UX Design for User Experience

User Experience, or as the cool kids say, UX, is all about the process of improving the user satisfaction of a product by improving the usability. To put it simply, you have to think like the user to be the best for the user. While the term UX is relatively new, we’ve been doing it for years now. We even have dedicated UX and UI designers. UX is all about designing with data, and creating a better user experience by improving:

  • Usefulness
  • Ease of use
  • Attractiveness
  • Engagement

User Interface

Having people on hand in the office who understand UI Design ensures the websites we make are user-friendly and each page consistently aligns with your brand values and identity. It's taking the look and feel of those elements and transferring them across various interfaces (mobile and desktop). It's a fundamentally important building block for web development and app building.

User Testing

Imagine doing all the hard work of attracting a visitor to your website or app only for them to get confused and leave. Seems like a waste, because it is a waste. If only there was something you could do to avoid such a thing happening. Queue: Enter User Testing.

There's always room for improvement

User testing doesn't fear failure. In fact, it seeks it out. We want to find the design elements that may be preventing your website from achieving greatness. We find these hurdles out in all sorts of clever ways: scenario-based task lists, screen recordings, eye movement tracking and conversations... If it's beneficial for user testing we'll do it.

Start your website's journey to improvement 

Finding your 'ideal' user

At Orange Digital we can proudly say that we don't believe in testing on animals. You can sleep soundly knowing your website is only tested on humans. We organise testing on real people, people who share similarities your target audience.

It's not just about cleverly luring in the first people available at the time with gift cards. It's about intentionally selecting the right people for testing. Then, cleverly luring those people in with gift cards.

How we test

We ask participants to assist with various tasks on the website. It often only takes a few sessions to know exactly which areas of design and navigation need extra work.

It's a small investment during the build that can have a huge pay off down the track. That's why we do it.

User testing through all stages of design and development can immediately identify problems and make sure they are gently but firmly nipped in the bud. We do our best to reach perfection, and in all our experiences with user testing, almost all have come back revealing areas for improvement.

Find your ideal user

These people "get" user testing:

Can Peyton
UX/UI Design Specialist
Clarissa Dharmaseta
Head of Strategic Design and Innovation
Sam Adams
Operations and Development Manager
Bree Einfalt
Senior Marketing Manager