Experience & Design.

A positive experience is better than a negative experience. That's why you need a design expert. Some of the people in our office even have tattoos. So you know you are dealing with proper creative types. 

Prototype of website design highlighting suggested changes and user journeys

Design & Prototyping

Good design speaks volumes. We hope this site speaks volumes without so many words.

Before we go off and build or execute something, we spend a bunch of time getting our creative types to stare at a screen and move a few pixels back and forth and come up with something beautiful. Rather than just take their word for it (and sometimes their stuff is great from the start) we make a prototype and get others to look at it. A prototype is an early sample that can be tested and then refined before the real thing happens. We go through this process a few times to make sure you are happy and we are happy. This back and forth can take a few rounds, but in the end you will be glad we did. 

Alex our designer at a computer working on UI interface

User Experience

User Experience, or as the cool kids say, UX, is all about the process of improving the user satisfaction of a product by improving the usability. It's as simple of thinking of what is best for the user. It's one of the latest buzzwords, but we have been doing it for a while now, just not calling it UX.  We even have UX and UI designers. You might be asking yourself what is the difference or is there even one.  

It’s about designing with data, and creating a better user experience by improving:

  • Usefulness 
  • Ease of use 
  • Attractiveness
  • Engagement

We want your customers to have the best experience possible, just like we want you to have the best experience working with us. 

Website design concept for a food festival showing possible layout of web page

User Interface

Having people on hand in the office who understand UI Design (some have been to uni and studied it too) ensures the websites we make are user-friendly. It also ensures that each page is consistent and in line with your brand values and identity. It's taking the look and feel of those elements and transferring them across various interfaces (mobile and desktop). 


A mobile phone recording a user testing, siting between a pair of headphones

User Testing

Think our website sucks? You should have seen it before we user tested it.

Imagine doing all the hard work of attracting a visitor to your website or app only for them to get confused and leave. Seems like a waste, because it is a waste. If only there was something that could be done to avoid such a thing happening. Oh yeah, there is!

Step in our fearless hero... User Testing

User testing doesn't fear failure. In fact, it seeks it out, finding reasons with user interface and design that might be stumbling blocks preventing your website achieving all it can.
To be more precise, the people doing the user testing find those things out.
In all sorts of clever ways - scenario based task lists, screen recordings, eye movement tracking, conversations... If it's beneficial for user testing we'll do it.

Our user testing process in a nutshell (a nutshell made from words)

We organise testing on real people in the same target audience that your product or service is aimed at. Yeah, straight.
It's not just about cleverly luring in the first people available at the time with gift cards. It's about intentionally selecting the right people for testing. Then, cleverly luring those people in with gift cards.

There's a bit more to it...

Our user testing experts sit with those people, make sure they are comfortable, and then chat with them. Genius!

Ok, a bit more again...

Then we ask them to assist with various tasks on the website. It often only takes a few sessions to know exactly which areas of design and navigation need a bit of extra work.
It's a small investment during the build that can have a huge pay off down the track. That's why we do it.

User testing through all stages of design and development can immediately identify problems and make sure they are gently but firmly nipped in the bud. The current number of user tests we've completed that haven't revealed areas for improvement during user testing stands at... not many .

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