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Some really important things about partnered marketing


Would it shock you to know you are on a website right now? Well it's true. You're on our website.

What makes a great website?

Geez, good question. We wanted to know too.

So we asked our team and here is what they said:

  • Attractive, eye-catching design - The designers
  • Skilled development, fast loading speed, and no bugs - The developers 
  • Easy navigation and smooth UX - The UI/UX experts
  • Engaging copywriting - The writers
  • Videos, videos, videos - The video producers 
  • Prominent visibilty in Google results - The SEO/SEM crew

The truth is of course, that all those things are important. Miss out on any of them and your website won't achieve the results it otherwise could.

The good news for you is that we have experts in all those areas. What's even better is they know how to work together with you, to create effective websites that tick all the boxes. 
When your website is designed and developed by our experts, you will have valuable digital weapon in your marketing arsenal.


Keeping it simple  

When you have a great website we can really get things moving in the right direction for your business by converting potential visitors into actual visitors. Then we convert those visitors into engaged visitors that in turn can be converted into customers. The customers can then be converted into happy customers who become happy customers that convert people around them into potential visitors.

It's that easy! 

Campaign Creation

Campaign creation is pretty simple... just come up with a brilliant idea and roll it out.

If it was that simple then everyone would be a marketing expert, right?! 

What we have found is that it helps to have some sort of plan with clearly defined goals and objectives, a target audience, timeframes and a way to measure the success of it. 

Once all that is ready, just go back to searching Google for "inspo" and then pass it onto a designer to make it look pretty. 

Building a campaign that gets results

Getting results is super easy. Getting successful results though, that's a different matter. Sometimes it requires a bit of zigging and zagging. So that's what we do. We are not too proud to make adjustments to campaign tactics when required. 

There is something we like more than telling clients they got brilliant results. It's when clients tell us they got brilliant results.

Malcolm Auld presenting to the Orange Digital team on best practices for copyrighting.


You know, like, writing words and stuff...

Imagine this page without any copy. It wouldn't be as good right?

There you go, that's just one example of the value of copywriting. Often, it's the few lines of text you read on a page which makes a big difference in your decision making.

Good copywriters know what to write about. More than that, they know how to write it... and how much of it to write.

We don't meant to boast but...

When it comes to crafting high quality written content we have some of the best writers in the business. Unfortunately, they were too busy to write the content for our own website. Don't worry though, we'll make sure they are available for you.

Oh yeah, good content always finishes with a strong call to action. Like this... Please buy some stuff from us - you will be glad you did.

Social Content

Meet me on Facebook, shorty.

Conquering social media is easy!

All that's needed is a few pictures of minions saying things like "Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee!". Schedule a few of those bad boys into the major social channels because that's fun and relatable content. Customers are sure to throw money at any company doing that. 

Hmmm... maybe not. But what does it take?

There is no cookie cutter template for social media success

In other words... great social media content actually takes thought and strategy. Aww, that's disappointing. Fear not though. That's exactly what makes the social channels a great place for your business do stand out from the rest. 

Our social media experts can help you:

  • Identify where and when your target market are active
  • Plan how to reach the people you want to reach
  • Create organic social content with a purpose 
  • Boost and advertise when it pays to do so
  • Track the value of your social channels to your brand and business

Now, just a bit more of the excellent social strategy devised by Aussie rap icon Bangs*

Hey shorty you been talking about me
I know that you love me
Meet me on facebook
Give me your email address
So I can add you as a friend
Then we can start chat
You can show me what you gat
And I can give you what I have
(Bangs 2010)

*Fairly sure we are the only company in the world using the lyrics of Bangs on our website. If you see anyone else doing it please let us know.


You found us. So something worked!

Putting the 'zing' in Search Engine Marketzing

Ok, that might not really make sense. It sounded cool at the time of writing though and we can always edit it out later. 

In short, we want to help people find you when they are looking for services or products you have to offer. 

SEM, PPC, CPC, Google Ads, and all that..

Call it what you want, we will make it work for you. Get that sweet sweet page one traffic you so desperately crave the easy way. Pay Google for it. 

What should you pay for though, and how much?

We'll help you work that out. Handily, we will help you track the performance as well. Our SEM team will help you optimise conversion rates, CPA, ROI and all the other marketing acronyms that are important.

Putting the 'Oh yeah' in SEOh yeah 

Is that one worse or better than the 'zing' one? It's probably a bit worse. Anyway, let's move on. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) sounds fancy because it is. Just ask our SEO team. Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not a mixture of luck and black magic. There are a lot of very controllable elements that help determine where your website ranks in Google results. Oh, and Bing.


A quality website with great content will definitely give your SEO a huge head start

However, those things alone are not always enough.

If you are really keen, someone from our SEO team will tell you all the things that can be done to help your SEO. If you have about a month to sit and listen.

Or we can give you the condensed version over a coffee. Most people go for that option. 

Brand Films

Wow, a film, that's kind of epic! 

A great way to communicate all the appealing elements that make up your brand is through video. A brand film is like a video about your brand but by calling it a film it sounds more epic. That's a little trick.

Why get a brand film? 

It's easier to digest than a long-winded page of text like this one.

There are several things that make up a successful brand film:

  • Communicates brand values 
  • Engages your audience
  • Creates emotion and connection 

A good brand film leaves your audience wanting more. Just like a small pack of salt and vinegar chips. You know those little packs with about 11 chips in them and a few crumbs. The same packs that come in a variety mix with other small packs in about 3 other flavours that no one really wants. We have lots of those other flavours in the food draws at Orange for some reason.

Enough about the chips for now, back to the brand films thing. Now that we have left you wanting to know more about brand films, maybe it's time for us to create a brand film for you. So your viewers want to know more about you. 

Thinking back we probably should have just created a video film for you to watch instead. Come in and we'll tell you more and show you some examples.

We can even offer you a small pack of chips to have while we chat. Just not salt and vinegar flavour sorry, they are always gone.

Product Videos

Videos about products... and services, and other stuff

The Value of  Video

If a picture is worth 1000 words, just think about how many words lots of pictures could be worth. Now think about how many moving pictures you can fit into one video. Add up 1000 words for each picture in the video and you've got a lot of words worth of pictures.

If that doesn't convince you to get a video then that is totally understandable. It's a poor sales pitch. The better reason is that videos can play a special role in your marketing.

Some things you will probably like about video:

  • engaging your audience

  • quickly communicating content 
  • building trust

In other words, videos give you an edge in appealing to potential customers that competitors without videos could only dream of. 

We could tell you about our planning, storyboarding, filming, and editing process, but that would only do so much. Checking out some of the videos we have made is probably a better idea.

So it's agreed, videos are useful. Now what? 

What the h*ck should you make a video about and how long should it go for? How will it fit into your marketing strategy?

1 minute  22 seconds is the perfect length for a successful video. Actually that's not true. Imagine if it was that easy though. Anyway, we'll sort out those details later. Let's just start with a friendly chat for now. 

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