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Content Writing

You know, like, writing words and stuff…

We need copywriters

Imagine this page without any copy. It wouldn't be as good right?

There you go, that's just one example of the value of copywriting. Often, it's the few lines of text you read on a page which makes a big difference in your decision making.

Good copywriters know what to write about. Moreover, they know how to write it... and how much of it to write. Copywriting is a skill only a few special people know how to truly harness and use it to best benefit your business. Here at Orange, we are lucky enough to have an experienced copywriting team who have written for many different clients across an array of industries.

Get me a copywriter, stat! 

Getting inside your audience's mind

From fake news to clickbait and advertisement articles, consumers are becoming better at analysing and dissecting content. Modern audiences value real, rich and organic content.

Creating good content and ranking organically is about ticking all the right boxes and tailoring a strategy to your business' needs. Our content aims to:

  • Engage your customer base
  • Connect with new audiences
  • Set yourself up as a qualified expert in your industry
  • Educate your audience about trending industry-specific topics
  • Address deeper business needs and drive sales
  • Work wonders for your search engine rankings and traffic (SEO)

Let's get writing

Those who shape thy word to sentence:

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Marketing Manager
Client Marketing & Strategy