Business Platforms.

Without getting too technical or trying to boast, we can help solve some pretty complex digital, internetty and computery type things for your business.


Person holding a smart phone looking down at a mobile app.

Web Portals & APIs

We can make portals to other dimensions too but we specialise in web portals. You might be asking yourself - what's a web portal?

Is a web portal just a fancy way of saying website?

They are kind of the same, but a web portal gives access to information from a range of sources, presented in a uniform way. All through a single point of access.

So if a website asks you to log in to access information from multiple sources in one place, then you may just be entering a web portal. It's not every day we get to make web portals but when we do we get really excited.

What sort of APIs do we build?

The answer to that depends on what the "A" (Application) is and what other "A's" it's interacting with. Then there is the "P" (Programming) and the "I" (Interface) which can all be talking about lots of different things. Eish, probably best to just tell us what you need if that's ok, and we'll let you know if it fits in our expertise. 

We would love to make a web portal or API for you. If you need either of those of course. If you do, or you're not sure, or you want to know more, have a chat with us.

A number of mobile phones using the same application.

Mobile Apps

People are fussy. They like the apps they use to actually be good. Fortunately we know a company that can help with that.

That company is us. Yes, we build mobile apps.

Funnily enough, we didn't just make a page about mobile apps to try and look cool. Mobile app development is one of our core skills at Orange Digital.

Our talented app developers say words like 'agile', 'stickyness', and 'react native'. More importantly, they actually know what they are talking about when they use those words, and they know what they are doing when it comes time to develop. 

Real human app developers in the house

That's right. Real qualified, experienced developers ready to help with your project and provide innovative and intuitive applications across IOS, Android and Windows.

If the fact we have humans in our company doesn't impress you, perhaps our thorough planning, expert quality control, and regular user testing are better selling points.

Yes, we also fix apps that were made by others

If you already have an app that is not quite doing what it was supposed to do we can probably help with that. Improving UX, creating walk-throughs, updating functionality... all things we can do and do well.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Viv working on a computer to get ready to present to a client.

Solution Architecture

If there is a problem, yo we'll solve it... check out the hook while our DJ revolves it.

They are very wise words. Thank you Vanilla Ice. Mr Ice was probably not writing about solution architecture when he penned those lyrics. Then again, maybe he was, it's not for us to say. The lyrics to that song are something we could discuss all day but we will spare you. 

Back to the topic.

Solution architecture usually involves a few conversations 

Easy stuff so far. Those conversations are followed by some analysis of exisiting information technology options. A bit trickier but still not too bad. Then it's about mapping out a solution for the best course of action for the business with the technology available. Dang, that sounds a bit trickier.

Fear not though. We have a few people at Orange Digital willing to put on the big non-gender-specific pants and do the trickier bits and put forward a case to solve your desired business outcomes. 

Great stuff, now let's get your solution architected

If you came here looking for someone to help with your solution architecture, the chances are you already know what it is. So we should probably just have said at the start, yeah we do it.

If it is a service you are interested in, we would love to stop, collaborate and listen. Flowing like a harpoon daily and nightly is optional. Whatever that is.

Lets work together