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Making others like you more than someone else. 

Brand Creation & Re-Branding

It's nice when people like you. It's even nicer when people like you a lot. This is where we work out together what makes people fall head over heels for your company. If your business is in need of a total facelift, think of us as branding cosmetic surgeons.  

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy that works is honest and authentic. You be you, mi amigo. If you think that sounds simple, it is. And it's also incredibly hard to do yourself.
Getting it right makes so many other things much easier. Such as your marketing strategy, web design, and pretty much everything else you create.

Crafting your brand strategy

  • Get to know you (intimately) with a discovery workshop
  • Feed you so many delicious breakfasts you'll renew your gym membership (might be a bit tricky in 2020 but we can still try to get you breakfast delivered)
  • Extract, distil and reflect your authentic brand values
  • Identify your target audiences
  • Become best friends (optional)

At the end of that we will help you create a brand promise that is marketable, enticing, and importantly, 100% true.

Start strategising

Brand Identity

This is kind of like the part where you get a new logo but there is a bit more to it. It’s turning your goodness into something that looks, sounds, smells, tastes and feels like you. You will be so unique and appealing so the smallest interaction with your brand will turn your audience into customers.

Creating key brand identifiers

  • A modern, clean, fresh, funky, new logo that pops
  • Versions of your new logo that work in the digital first, cloud-based, blockchain everything world we live in
  • The right combination of colours that evoke the right emotions in the right people
  • Brand fonts that say a lot more than the words they spell out
  • Patterns, textures and graphic elements, also known as 'design artefacts' to those in the know

Help me find my brand identity

Design Framework: A Mighty Resource

Keep everything produced for your brand 'on brand' with a design framework. It's a bit like a style guide on steroids. Beneficial prescription steroids of course. While this resource can take a while to create, it will save you an enormous amount of time in the future.

Get your kit together

At the end of the day, that's pretty much what a framework is. A kit that can be shared across designers, developers, and anyone who needs to see it.

It's a crucial resource that ensures everything produced online (and sometimes offline) looks and feels how your brand should look and feel.

Here are a few elements:

  • Colours (primary & secondary)
  • Typography & styling
  • Symbols, buttons, shapes & icons

With a design framework in place, future projects can be produced faster, with better quality control.

Never again will you have to worry about seeing your company slogan accidentally written in comic sans. We can help give you peace of mind.

Let's build a brand

This lot will be super obsessed with your brand:

Can Peyton
UX/UI Design Specialist
David Fischer
Clarissa Dharmaseta
Head of Strategic Design and Innovation
Brie Ginman
Digital Producer