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Brand Culture

Our personal favourite

Culture is so important we spell it with a capital 'C'. Also, it was the first word in the sentence, so a capital letter to start a sentence when writing in English is conventional practice.

Brand Culture is much more than just a few values written on a poster hanging on a wall in head office. It is something that permeates a business and guides decision-making for everyone in the business.

Let's get cultured! 

Guiding marketing activity

Whether your customers know it or not, Brand Culture is what they buy into when they do business with you.

You'll probably hear us talk about Culture a fair bit. One of our directors really did write a book on the Culture of Orange Digital and how it came to be. When you meet with us be sure to ask for a copy of the book. It's like a really thick expensive flyer that we would be happy to give you because it dives into what makes Orange Digital, Orange Digital.

We want you to know who we are if we are going to work together. Equally we like to get to know your company, what drives you, and why. If we are going to partner with you on projects around culture, branding, strategy, or... anything really, we are happy to share how our brand came to be. 

Establishing a Brand Culture that can be communicated and embraced throughout a company can be very valuable. We believe it's so valuable we offer “Culture Inc”. Have a chat with us about that.

They've got culture coming out their ears:

Brendan Pearce
Senior UI/UX Designer & Illustrator
Petrus Pommé
Film & Animation Lead
Gavin Brodie
People, Culture & Operations
Isabelle Debnam
Brand & Marketing Lead