Brand Creation.

Do you like us yet? Because after we get to that point we can get to work on the same for your business. Making others like you more than someone else. There is a lot that goes into that. However, let’s just say it’s more than JUST a logo.

Onward brand logo plan and sketching using a pencil.

Brand Strategy

It's nice when people like you. It's even nicer when people like you a lot. This is where we work out together what makes people fall head over heels for your company.

A brand that works is honest and authentic. You be you, mi amigo. If you think that sounds simple, it is. And it's also incredibly hard to do yourself. 

We'll tie you down and strip you bare to get to the genuine heart of your business and craft a brand promise that speaks to your audience like a lover in a thunderstorm.

A few things we'll probably do while crafting your brand strategy: 

  • Get to know you (intimately) with a discovery workshop
  • Feed you so many delicious breakfasts you'll renew your gym membership
  • Extract, distil and reflect your authentic brand values 
  • Identify your target audiences, then hunt a few of them down* for a cup of tea and a chat (*finding these people was so difficult we built a separate company for that)
  • Become best friends (optional)

At the end of that we will help you create a brand promise that is marketable, enticing, and importantly, 100% true.

Brenny designing a new logo on his computer

Brand Identity

This is kind of like the part where you get a new logo but there is a bit more to it. In fact, your current logo is probably fine.

If you've read this in the order we hoped you might read it in, you'll know that we start with your brand strategy (including discovery, brand values, target audiences, brand promise, and breakfast). 

Next up is turning that goodness into something that looks, sounds, smells, tastes and feels like you. Your musky aroma will be so unique and appealing that the smallest whiff will instantly get your audience's juices flowing. Gross (but cool).

Might the following be of interest to you?

  • A modern, clean, fresh, funky, new logo that pops
  • Versions of your new logo that work in the digital first, cloud-based, blockchain everything world that we live in
  • The right combination of colours that evoke the right emotions in the right people
  • Brand fonts that say a lot more than the words they spell out
  • Patterns, textures and graphic elements, also known as 'design artefacts' to those in the know

If you're asking yourself "how on earth would I actually make use of all this?"... you're on the money. It's a mighty useful resource called a Design Framework and we can't wait to tell you more. 

Brand guideline creation, comparing a variety of fonts on a computer.

Design Framework

Keep everything produced for your brand 'on brand' with a design framework. It's a bit like a style guide on steroids. Beneficial prescription steroids of course.

Setting up a design framework takes time to create. Sorry to start on a downer but there is good news that follows.

Having a design framework saves enormous amounts of time. See what we did there. We probably should have led with that but oh well. 

Get your kit together

At the end of the day that's pretty much what a framework is. A kit that can be shared across designers, developers, and anyone else that needs to see it.

It's a crucial resource that ensures everything produced online (and sometimes offline) looks and feels like your brand should look and feel. 

  • Colours (primary & secondary)
  • Typography & styling
  • Symbols, buttons, shapes & icons

With a design framework in place, future projects can be produced faster and with better quality control.

Never again will you have to worry about seeing your company slogan accidentally written in comic sans. We can help give you that peace of mind.

Orange Digital Culture Book, including hand-drawn doodles and annotations.

Brand Culture

Culture is so important we just spelt it with a capital 'C'. Also, it was the first word in the sentence, so a capital letter to start a sentence when writing in English is conventional practice.

Brand Culture is much more than just a few values written on a poster hanging on a wall in head office. It is something that permeates a business and guides decision-making for everyone in the business.

Brand Culture also helps guide marketing activity

Whether your customers know it or not, that is what they are buying into when they do business with you. 

You'll probably hear us talk about culture a fair bit. One of our directors really did write a book on the culture of Orange digital and how it came to be. When you meet with us be sure to ask for a copy of the book. It's like a really thick expensive flyer that we would be happy to give you about what makes Orange Digital, Orange Digital.

We want you to know who we are if we are going to work together. Equally we like to get to know your company, what drives you, and why. 

Establishing a Brand Culture that can be communicated and embraced throughout a company can be very valuable. We believe it's so valuable we offer it as a service. Have a chat with us about that.

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