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20 November 2018

World Hope International: Our contribution towards their Clean Water Campaign

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World Hope Poster Designs

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of working with World Hope International, by helping the organisation work towards achieving its mission to improve opportunity, dignity and hope for individuals, families and communities around the world.

A few of our very talented Orange designers did some epic pro bono work for World Hope International, who are about to kick off a series of conferences later this month to promote their Clean Water Campaign.

Our contribution towards this project included; a presentation template, posters, postcard response forms and pull up banner art. We are proud to say that the designs not only reflected the organisation’s goals and mission, there were also no design revisions (unheard of, we know!).

The Minister for the Environment (Leanne Enoch) endorsing the Clean Water campaign.

The Minister for the Environment (Leanne Enoch) endorsing the Clean Water campaign in a new recycling centre in Maryborough earlier this month (above).

Who are World Hope International?

World Hope International is a Christian relief and development organisation working with vulnerable, marginalised and “exploited communities” to alleviate poverty and suffering.

The organisation works across 15 of the poorest counties in the world, with the vision to provide the disadvantaged with opportunity, dignity and hope so they can gain the skills and tools for change in themselves, their families and their community.

World Hope International respond to the need for clear water and sanitation within these developing countries. They do this by providing sanitation facilities, clean water wells and solar powered piped water supplies to ensure individuals, families and communities can thrive.

The role of clean water in alleviating poverty

Within the past 20 years, efforts to alleviate extreme poverty have proven quite successful. The percentage of people living in such conditions have nearly halved! However, there is still so much work to be done.

Clean water lays the foundations for vulnerable and exploited communities. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), safe water supplies, hygienic sanitation and good water management are fundamental to global health. In fact, a tenth of global disease could be prevented by increasing access to safe drinking water, improving sanitation and hygiene and improving water management to reduce the risks of waterborne diseases.

WHO goes further to explain that safer water has the potential to prevent:

  • 1.4 million child deaths from diarrhoea;
  • 500 000 deaths from malaria;
  • 860 000 child deaths from malnutrition; and
  • 280 000 deaths from drowning.

The Clean Water Challenge

For me, these statistics are truly shocking. This is why World Hope International initiated the Clear Water Challenge. This challenge aims to provide access to clear water across a number of countries suffering the lack of basic human needs – reaching nearly 240,000 people! The organisation aims to raise $1.3 million by December 31. This will enable the organisation to unlock funds from other committed partners for a total of $2.6 million. That means 2x the impact for clean water!

By providing clean water to vulnerable communities across the world, World Hope International works towards improving the lives of individuals and families like Loa.

Watch the video here.

Sound like something you want to get involved in?

We all live increasingly busy lives. So it’s only natural we turn away the opportunity to help others across the world when we are trying to juggle our daily lives.

What if it’s as simple as doing it from home? Would you get involved? Because it’s possible… in fact, that’s exactly what we did at Orange by providing a bunch of exciting design work to help with the Clean Water Campaign and we loved every minute of it.

World Hope International provides opportunities that allow you to participate from home, as well as opportunities to travel around the world to gain a very hands on and eye opening experience.

You CAN make a difference. We did and we are stoked to have been able to have the opportunity to do so. With your help, World Hope International is able to provide those in need with opportunity and hope. If you ask me, this is a feel good opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

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