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27 August 2014

Spam Facebook Likes: Why You Don’t Want Them

Social Spam Facebook Likes: Why You Don’t Want Them

Recently the Orange Digital Facebook page was on the receiving end of an influx of spam likes. The like count went from just over 2150 to 13000+ in the space of a weekend. On the surface it might seem like all those new likes are great. And they could be if there was good reason for them. Unfortunately these likes were clearly added in bulk from an international source not relevant to Orange Digital.
On the surface the high link total would make Orange Digital look like one of the most popular digital agencies on the social media scene – . However, here is why we quickly went about getting those extra likes removed.

The Disadvantages of Spam Facebook Likes

It’s not just Google that has an algorithm to determine relevance, Facebook has its own algorithm too. Having spam Facebook likes makes it much harder to get your posts in front of people who you actually want to see it. Facebook want to show content to users that is relevant and interesting. Facebook uses its algorithm to determine which companies are producing interesting content. When they see a page with 1000s of “likes” that don’t engage or interact with content in any way they use that as a signal that the page in question is not even interesting to the people that “like” it. The chance of your Facebook post even showing in the feed of somebody who likes your page is then heavily reduced.

Keeping the Facebook Algorithm Happy

If you haven’t previously considered how Facebook shows certain posts and not others then this site may be worth a visit. The more people commenting on and sharing your content the greater the engagement your page has and the more likely you will perform well with the algorithm. That will not only get your brand in front of more people but also ensure that when you have a message you want people to see, or you post a special offer etc… more people see it.

How to Remove Spam Facebook Likes

By looking at who likes your page you do have the option of manually removing suspicious likes. The option that Facebook makes available for this requires removing likes you don’t want on your account one at a time.

Facebook Spam Thumbnail

As you can imagine, that could take a long time when there are a lot of likes to remove. So in the case of the influx of likes for Orange Digital we were able to send a request to Facebook to remove the likes and with a little bit of explanation they did the removing. To contact Facebook we used the online contact option available to business page holders.

Please don’t buy Facebook Likes – It’s not good for you

In the case of the likes for Orange Digital they were not bought so this can happen without actively seeking it. However, just in case the idea to buy likes has crossed your mind please don’t do it. Intentionally buying likes through like buying schemes is a no-no. Apart from potentially damaging your engagement and chances for good post visibility through reasons mentioned earlier, you are violating the terms of service with Facebook. Worst case scenario you run the risk of having your social media profile taken down.
Just to clarify the topic of this article, there is nothing wrong with promoting posts or ads on Facebook to grow your likes. Be selective with your criteria of who sees your ad or promoted posts and building likes that way is a perfectly acceptable way to grow your audience.

Putting some Protections in Place

There may be no comprehensive way to ensure you are immune to spammy likes but you can put a few things in your favour. If you are a local business then you may want to hide your Facebook page from certain countries. To do that just go to the settings drop down menu on your Facebook page. Under General settings you will see a Country Restrictions option. You can choose to hide your Facebook profile from certain countries or only allow certain countries to see it.

Country Restrictions Setting on Facebook

Could a competitor buying spam likes for your page have a negative impact on your business?

That is a fair question. Yes, it’s possible but probably not something to lose sleep over. A competitor forking out money to add likes to your page is a fairly strange way to attack your business. Let’s just say there would be much better ways for them to invest that money if they wanted to sabotage you online. If you are keeping active on your Facebook page then you will probably notice any suspicious behaviour pretty quickly and be able to address it without too much fuss.

If you would like to get more information on growing your social media marketing or look at opportunities for using Facebook or social media for your business we’d love to hear from you.

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