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12 June 2015

Setting Up a Google Business Page That Builds Business

Brand, Search Setting Up a Google Business Page That Builds Business

Who run the world? Not girls… Google.

As the presence of a business on Google has never been more important, the competitiveness to rank on search engine page results for businesses has never been higher. In an ideal world, a business would show up as the first result for a range of relative search terms, with a business knowledge graph displayed on them. A business knowledge graph is a spotlight section that displays information as a large feature on the right side of the results, revealing business details such as contact information, addresses, descriptions, reviews, maps and even company images. How might your business go about achieving this status? In combination with a range of SEO efforts, the answer is to create an effective Google Business Page.

Setting up a Google Business Page is important, but what’s more important is setting it up in a way that will actually contribute to building your business. In order to do this, you should consider the following:

Virtual Tour

Using photos and even the new Google Business View tool will provide a medium for potential customers to ‘visit’ your office and take a virtual tour around it. Just as retail customers often like to browse online to see the kinds of clothing a store offers before visiting, potential customers for your business might also like to come inside, take a look around and get a better feel of your company before coming in for a visit. A virtual tour on Google Maps with Google’s Business View is the perfect way to make this a reality.

We recently had our Orange Digital office photographed for a Business View tour, so you can check out what this service offers. Take the Orange Digital Business Tour. You can also watch a short video below of behind-the-scenes action from the day!

Business Information

Providing up-to-date business information is key in accurately representing your brand and attracting potential customers to get into contact with you. Such information might include a phone number, email address, street address, service locations, a brief description and opening hours. The easier it is for customers to access this information, the more benefits your business is likely to receive.


Nowadays, people care about the opinion of others. Before people make large purchase decisions, they often turn to the Internet to find out what other people thought of the product in question.The same goes for businesses and what others thought about their service and product offerings. By encouraging happy customers to review your business page, you are creating a permanent digital review that can provide lasting benefits long after the review is submitted.


These suggestions for optimising your Google Business Page can work well in combination with other SEO efforts. Specifically, you should also consider the user-friendliness of site navigation, powerful content and SEO friendly web development. If you have any questions or have learnt anything from your own experiences of setting up a Google Business Page we would love to hear from you! Send us an email at [email protected].


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