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18 November 2013

Is Your Website Optimised for Mobile?

Mobile, Search Is Your Website Optimised for Mobile?

Because it should be …

You may know this already but there is a difference to the way your website appears on tablet, smartphone and desktop out of the box. Unless you optimise for mobile, your website may be poor quality for mobile users. Obviously this can cause what might otherwise have been converted traffic to turn into your competitors’ new client.

But aside from the obvious problem of failing your potential customer, it may also fail your search ranking. Google, the world’s largest search engine has been making moves all year long towards employing big penalties on sites that don’t offer the mobile user a decent result.

Google’s overriding principle is delivering a result to the searcher that Google trusts will satisfy the user’s intent. The recent Google Hummingbird algorithm change is said to be an extension of this, altering the algorithm to deliver results more based on intent. This is attributed to the rise of mobile searchers, and in particular those that use voice search.

The results of many Google searches are already different depending on device. Google Maps listings appear more prevalently in search results from mobile based on the fact that Google deduce that the intent of mobile searchers is more towards finding locations and contact information than browsing or digesting information from websites. This isn’t the only difference and these have all been the case for quite a while but the organic results have always remained the same.

Dre Q

Now things are changing. Every year more and more people start using their smartphones and tablets for basic web browsing. Despite this as of the most recent count only 55% of Australian businesses have mobile friendly website and only 34% of retailers. With so many people using their mobile devices to perform search, and so few results delivering it’s little wonder Google have stepped in.

It’s time to consider mobile web as a priority. Get in touch with Orange Digital and get a quote on a mobile optimised website today.


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