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8 November 2018

Oh Snap. Instagram Stories May Destroy Snapchat

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snapchat icon vs instagram icon

Poor Snapchat is going through quite the rough patch at the moment. Losing users due to their new, heavily advertisement driven interface that Kylie Jenner was (quote, unquote) “sooo over”, not to mention having to compete with Instagram’s increasingly successful story feature. As the social media platform seemingly moves closer to its untimely demise, I can’t help but wonder “Are Instagram Stories going to destroy Snapchat?”

Why did Instagram introduce Stories?

When Instagram first introduced stories, they were copying the best product from a direct competitors. They didn’t even bother to change the name, Snapchat Stories were Instagram Stories.

Instagram already had the platform and the users. Yet many consumers were feeling as though they could only show highlights on their Insta feed. And well, for most users highlights aren’t daily. The story feature helped the platform gain a function that could be used by everyone everyday.

If you weren’t already aware, Instagram is owned and ruled by the same company as Facebook. In late 2013 Zuckerberg attempted to buy out Snapchat to complete his Holy Trinity of social networking sites. However Snap CEO Evan Spiegel rejected the takeover.

So, as Instagram introduced their new feature it was seen as a somewhat desperate attempt to retaliate after Snapchat rebuffed their overtures, even with billions of dollars offered. However, after two years of having the ability to post temporary content to the platform, the move by Instagram can be seen as nothing short of genius.

Instagram vs Snapchat Stories: The showdown

Although reasonably similar in purpose and design, there are a fair few differences between the two Stories. When first introduced, Instagram Stories had a better ease of use. The interface was more user friendly and accessible to a larger audience. As time passed not too much has changed in relation to Snapchat’s usability, with the exception of some users claiming each update makes it harder to understand.

Additionally, when Snapchat first made its debut it was seen as the innovative leader in the social media landscape. However, with the new additions and alterations Instagram frequently adds to their Stories, Snapchat has become, for lack of a better word, boring.

Speaking of the new additions and alterations Instagram incorporates, the rate at which they do this surpasses Snapchat considerably. Despite what the old tale would have you believe, in the case of social media networks the tortoise never wins against the hare. I mean, you can add music, tag friends, drop location and put gifs on your Instagram story. Last time I checked, the most revolutionary thing Snapchat had done was give you more than one line to write text.

So is Snapchat on its way to the grave?

Despite this converging of features and services, these social media sites will not become indistinguishable from one another. They all still differ in their cultures and customs. Therefore, Instagram alone cannot necessarily completely replace Snapchat and what it stands for.

Graph comparing Snapchat and Instagram Story daily active users


However, earlier this year it was discovered that Instagram stories had more daily users than the entire Snapchat app itself. So Instagram Stories might not be the sole purpose for the demise of Snapchat but it has definitely put a nail in the coffin. If you ask me, it’s looking like Snapchat might start disappearing as quickly as its 10 second snaps

I don’t know about you, but I’m on Team Instagram.

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