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27 November 2018

What it means to go ‘PRO’


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You have probably heard the term ‘Facebook PRO’ increasing popularity in the industry as of late. I thought it would be worth clarifying what this actually means for an agency and how it benefits you as a company.

What is Facebook PRO?

Facebook PRO is a Partner Program available to digital marketing professionals across a number of verticals, with the purpose of upskilling and supporting social marketers. It’s an extremely sophisticated platform that aggregates a pool of resources such as; pitch decks, analytics reports, vertical guides and more, for experts to utilise.

Officially announced at Facebook’s annual Global Partner Summit in October, this new program is set to expand the company’s partner ecosystem. This focuses on including smaller and medium-sized agencies (just like Orange), who have not previously qualified to become Facebook Marketing Partners in a similar beneficial program.

You’re probably thinking ‘why should I care?’ Let me tell you why. Facebook, much like Google, wants to see agencies and companies succeed with their advertising goals. So Facebook has taken initiative and created a platform for their advertising partners. Here, we have access to exclusive industry data to assist with educated business strategies, a direct contact with a professional Facebook guru, additional reporting & measurement resources and more.

Let’s talk about how these additional benefits help our clients

We have access to a myriad of resources, which our clients are also able to use. As an agency, we work across a number of industry verticals, and with Facebook’s vertical guides we have insight into how those industries are engaging on the social platform. Along with industry data, Facebook PRO Partners receive daily advertiser recommendations across all ad accounts – helping us to optimise accounts so they function at their very best.

After we run amazing campaigns that achieve your business goals, we can show you how we met your business goals as well as Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). How will we show you this you ask? Well, by using our access to exclusive reporting and measurement functionalities. ROAS is a foggy area for most companies, and most don’t know how to effectively measure this. With granular tracking in place and holistic viewing of data, you will be able to accurately define your return-on-investment for your Facebook campaigns.

The future of Facebook PRO for social marketing

In summary, we currently have some pretty cool resources and things we can do. Although the Facebook PRO tool is still a beta model, we are already seeing advantages and changes in the way we plan our client’s advertisements. Not only are insights easier to access and navigate with PRO, but the insights are also more in-depth making researching for a client easier.

We started using this feature in October of this year after the beta launched. While we haven’t seen a change in results for our clients yet (due to the short time-frame), we have no doubt that we will see improvements in the near future.

After using this program, we can also see that there would be a disadvantage to small businesses who have recently moved into the social media world and are trying to tackle it themselves. Additionally, social media managers who don’t have access are missing out on the advantages of the program. This further puts emphasis on why an agency who can provide insights into social platforms are extremely beneficial for impressions and growth online for clients.

If everything above didn’t win you over, send us an email and we can chat about social advertising for your company.

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