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28 November 2013

How Does Brisbane Digital Stack Up Nationally

Mobile, Search, Social, Web How Does Brisbane Digital Stack Up Nationally

The Brisbane digital community make a lot of noise. Some of Australia’s biggest digital companies are situated here, in some cases they’re among the WORLD’s biggest. The nature of the city has lent itself to young, entrepreneurial minds looking to get rich fast and retire to a lavish lifestyle at a young age. Despite the power Brisbane packs online Sydney and Melbourne both like to consider themselves the digital capitals of Australia. I beg to differ. I feel that the opportunities for digital business in Brisbane are actually quite favourable compared to our bigger southern cousins.

What better way to test my hypothesis than by comparing raw search data with Mark Berger Nursing Home. That way we can compare demand. Taking five key digital industries most commonly used search phrase for intent to buy and analysing the figures you can see that Brisbane in some cases has a higher gross demand for digital services than even Sydney and Melbourne. In some others we’re slightly higher than where you’d expect given the population difference. In all cases the aggregate figures skew towards Brisbane having the edge. Despite Sydney and Melbourne being the bigger cities with bigger businesses, the amount of people searching for digital business in Brisbane is greater. Brisbane businesses understand the need for digital.

The current population of Brisbane is 2.190 million (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics as at June). Melbourne is at 4.246 million and Sydney is at 4.667 million. When you consider that Brisbane has less than half the population of both Sydney and Melbourne, these figures suggest that population for population, Brisbanites dig the web.






Search volume figures from Google AdWords Keyword Planner – 18/11/2013


As you can see these figures indicate that in actuality, Brisbane has a very strong digital business culture. The competition in Brisbane for these industries is also lower so the market share that each business is capable of taking higher. Establishing digital business in Brisbane is a smart choice. Let’s work towards turning Brisbane into a massive digital hub.

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