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OzContacts needed a serious online shop with a seriously simple transaction process.



Web Design | Coding | Development

Focus on the User

Sites of this scale require a substantial amount of sketching, planning, mapping and strategy. We value putting the right foundation in place as it avoids any significant delays throughout later stages of the project. OzContacts had a clear vision for the site, however it was our job to add value to this vision in light of the user. Focus groups saw valuable feedback influence the design and layout of the site, while thorough research saw the implementation of a 1 step transaction process. The result is a far higher percentage of visitors that make transactions.

Complex Made Simple

Contact lenses come in a near infinite amount of combinations. We needed a back end system that could handle it, but also an interface that would ensure a wonderful user experience. After much scribble, sketching, wireframing and prototyping we built an interface that could allow a user to select a product in just one click. Simple.

Why They Chose Us

Our processes, team and core offerings were the perfect match for OzContacts. We’re all about taking complex beasts and simplifying them into a platform that generates sales. Our heightened level of face to face time, and the fact that we could walk to each others’ offices also were contributing factors in the selection of Orange Digital.

Project Screenshots

OzContacts Screenshots OzContacts Screenshots OzContacts Screenshots