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We're not into lofty job titles or job descriptions that limit potential. We've hired everyone from graduates to schoolteachers not because of their experience or their ambition, but because of their potential.

Brilliant people are our strongest asset, so if you believe you have the potential to be truly brilliant in one of these roles, we want to hear from you.

Front-End Developer

Posted 14 Jun 2017

Do you have eight hours a day that you set aside in order to exchange your expertise and skills for cold hard cash and a sense of purpose? Could the things you know be best described as Front End Development?

That’s such good news, because we’re on the lookout for a new Front End Developer.

Picture yourself becoming best buds with a small team within a growing digital marketing company. Visualise yourself working with these marketing specialists and designers, using your beloved code and computers to turn their dreams and designs into reality. Imagine knowing that everything you do each day helps your clients achieve their audacious, world-changing goals. Can you imagine it? Feels good, right?

If we had to describe our ideal Front End Developer to a police sketch artist*, we’d say…
• She or he knew a lot about Wordpress or similar CMS systems
• They also killed it with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript programming.
• They had some exposure to PHP and Drupal
• They knew the latest on responsive web design and UI/UX
• He or she wasn’t afraid to keep everything up to date in Git
• And they were either junior or senior or something in between… we can’t remember exactly because we are more interested in attitudes and potential.

We’d suggest the detectives dusted for your prints on websites, landing pages, and edm projects. And if they asked us if our ideal Front End Developer was known to associate with SEO gangs, we’d say “Yeah, sure hope so!”

But enough about you, let’s talk about us.

The cool thing about Orange Digital is we work in a flat structure. Throughout the office there are small circles – teams of 4-5. Within these teams, we have complete freedom over our tasks and responsibilities. We have no bosses!

Some other cool things – each full time staff member spends a day a week on internal innovation projects they’re really passionate about. We have an in-house barista and chef who cooks us the most delicious breakfasts and snacks every day. We all really care about learning and progressing our skillset so we take 2 hours out each week to do just that. There’s heaps more, but it’s just starting to feel like bragging!

Hit the Apply Button or hit us up at contact@orangedigital.com.au.


Something else?

If you've got some mad skills, feel free to get in touch even if none of the jobs above seem right for you.


Working at Orange Digital

We’re serious about fun

We believe a good balance of work and play is extremely important. Regardless of your preference, we have it all.
Table tennis, Xbox, Playstation, Chess, Foosball, PC games, Mac games. We love all of it.

it’s personal

Google pioneered it, we’ve taken it to the next level. We give our staff 20% of their time to work at our ThinkDo innovation office, where we research, develop and market real apps, games and projects. Should the project succeed, every team member is allocated profit share.

smells like team spirit

On average people spend 46% more time with their workmates than with their own partners. With that much time spent amongst colleagues, it only makes sense to do things together. BBQs, dinners, drinks, movies, there's always something to look forward to.

Thirsty, hungry

We believe empty stomachs means empty minds. That’s why we have drinks fridges and snack shelves that are always stocked. From chocolates to fresh fruit, coffee to beer (cheeseburgers not included). Help yourself to as much as you want, and never run on empty.

made from 100% brilliant people

We believe the success of our company and the results we produce for our clients lies in the hearts and minds of one thing only. Our people.

progress is in our nature

Whether it’s learning a new coding language, improving speed, pushing the boundaries of modern design or even doing a chinup, we each have something we’re zealous about achieving. It’s in our blood and we celebrate every victory along the way.

culture is king

Orange Digital is an awesome place to work. We pride ourselves a lot on creating a culture and environment where people genuinely enjoy coming to work. It's one of the founding principles of our business and it reflects in everything we do.

people, again?

Yep, again. It’s so important to us it’s in here twice. We only want to hire people who are better than us. Smarter, faster, have a broader skill set and even deeper specialty. It means you can trust the people around you, and it means less red tape, more creative freedom.