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24 October 2014

Killer Conversion Forms: 5 Proven Methods for Better Results!

Web Killer Conversion Forms: 5 Proven Methods for Better Results!

Killer Form2

The goal of most websites is to drive traffic and generate leads. In order to facilitate lead enquiries and later qualify them, it is critical to provide an online form for users. Even more importantly, the form you are creating must be relevant, simple and gather the right information. Here are some tips for creating a successful online form:

1. Make your form easily accessible

You need to make sure that your opt in or contact forms are easy to find for new site visitors. Placing a form at the bottom of an article can be a great way to inspire visitors to provide their contact information. Similarly, placing a form in the website sidebar will make it visible to visitors who are skimming the site for valuable content. Choosing a compelling and aesthetically appealing colour combination for the form will also increase the conversion rate of visitors to leads.

2. Make the form concise

Guests do not want to fill out forms which are requesting excessive amounts of information. You need to make sure the entire form is visible so that potential leads do not feel overwhelmed when viewing the information request. Choosing a font size and style which is complimentary to the rest of the site is also essential for high conversion rates, in addition to making sure that the form is condensed and precise so that users can fill it out quickly and easily.

Example of an appropriate online form length

3. Ask the right questions

You need to ask the least amount of questions in order to get the most valuable information. Key questions will often include the name and email address or contact number of the lead, which is critical to personalising communications and getting into contact with the lead. Once a lead is engaged, it is often easier to convert them to become a client. Enquiring about an interest level in the form can also help you to prioritize top prospects.

4. Create a privacy policy

Potential leads are often concerned about the privacy of their personal information. Having a clear and concise privacy policy will help potential leads feel comfortable in providing their personal information. It is wise to inform visitors that information will not be sold to third parties. A form should also include instructions on how to opt out of a mailing list if a lead becomes disinterested in the product or service being offered.

Example of a Privacy Policy in an online form

5. Be timely

A form should be able to be filled out in sixty seconds or less as users will also lose interest if they have to provide detailed answers to complex questions. Keeping a form concise is one way you can show that you respect the privacy and time of site visitors.

Forms can be leveraged to your advantage if you take the time to consider and plan what you are trying to achieve and what information you require from potential leads. Working with your developers and account managers to figure out the best way of creating, displaying and capturing information from your forms will certainly be worth it in the long term.

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