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9 December 2014

How to Turn Your Great Idea Into an App

Mobile How to Turn Your Great Idea Into an App

Have you always wanted to create your own mobile app? Do you have a fantastic idea for an app but are unsure how to make it into a reality? If you have an idea for a great app, there are all kinds of marketplaces that cater for a wide variety, all you need to do is make it a reality. The toughest part about creating an app is the programming and development of it. If you follow this plan however, you’ll be well on your way to making that idea into a real marketable app.

1. Hone Your Idea

You will firstly need to expand on and clarify your idea. Just because you have come up with a brilliant app idea doesn’t mean there is no need for fine tuning and opportunities for something better within the concept. You need to understand that your idea needs to be crafty and unique in order to stand out from the other 1.3 million apps available.

Is your idea something that has been previously created? What can you do to your version to make it different, more unique or more valuable to the user? Figuring out the answers to these questions will help you hone the idea and develop something truly brilliant. Make sure you document all components of the app so you have something to reference later. Don’t get too caught up in creating something completely unheard of, as sometimes the best ideas are simply refined versions of existing products. You have to remember that when Facebook was first developed it was essentially an altered version of MySpace, but because of its small differences, it became a phenomenal success. Even if your app is unique, your goal should be to continuously find ways to improve it and develop it into something greater.

2. Map It Out

The next step on your app journey will require you to draw out the idea, or at least use online software tools to craft the homepage and other parts of the app. If it’s a game, you should map out the design and functionality to give you a better idea of how the game will look and feel to the user. This stage is critically important for figuring out what you want to happen on the app and the process to make that happen. The importance of the process is often understated – this is what can make or break the app. Can the average joe easily and intuitively understand the app without prompts? If no, you should consider a method for how to achieve this simplicity. If you aren’t sure what your app is going to look like, the app developers which you work with later down the track may have trouble trying distinguish your main goal.

3. Make Friends With Developers

It is strongly recommended that you have app developers build your app. In order for an app to be created and ready to hit the marketplace, a developmental phase must be taken care of by professionals who understand the industry. A professional app development company can act as your mentor in helping you turn your idea into a reality. After you have come up with a solid idea, a plan for the logistics of the idea and how it is going to be used or played on a smartphone, the developers will be able to program it and get it ready for the App Store.

How hard is it to program and code an app myself?

Nothing is impossible! A wide range of people can take an app idea and code it properly to prepare it for the App Store. Sometimes it’s just a matter of practising, training and getting the right tools to do it. A significant amount of time should be spent learning about basic programming to get it right. However, the problem isn’t so much learning it, but the time required to learn it. Many developers spend years learning about coding and programming, and they develop their skills through trial and error. Quality app developers are well trained and possess the skills and knowledge required to bring your idea to life if you give them the opportunity.

The time you could spend learning about app development could be used to help further your understanding of promoting the app (which will be a critical component of post-app development). You pass on the idea to a developer and as you wait you can start sharing the upcoming release of your app idea with your network. The marketing and distribution of your app from the time it begins development is important for maximising user input and feedback, generating word-of-mouth to create a solid user base and of course, translating profits for you.

Is it really worth it to make your own app?

If you have experience in coding and website or app development, it could certainly be worth your time to go ahead and give it a go yourself. However, if you are inexperience in this field and do not have the time or resources to learn how to code or do any programming, then you should certainly consider working with an app development company. You’ll save a lot more time outsourcing the development and have the time to generate hype for the app instead.

Creating an app is an exciting and rewarding experience. It’s a wonderful way to learn new skills, express your creativity, bring your ideas to life and make money doing all of these things. Those who don’t want to make a video game from scratch should definitely considering getting into app development and making that gaming dream a reality. Whether you want to make a unique app to help people in everyday life or bring happiness and addiction to the masses with a genius gaming app, you have the power to bring your idea to life and potentially go as viral as Dong Nguyen (who created Flappy Bird).

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